Pierogi cooking class | What to do in Gdansk?

When I travel the first thing I want to do is to eat something delicious. I walk around and stare at food stalls until the moment comes to choose a dish. In the next weeks that follow on my travels, I guess how to prepare my favourite dishes. I usually attend a cooking class where I can meet other people and the local cooking chef who can reveal all the crucial secrets of the local cuisine.

To me, cooking is a passion. It takes up most of my time. That’s why this year I decided to open a cooking class in Gdańsk. I wanted to share my knowledge and passion about Polish cuisine. I chose vegetarian meals only because I feel that there is enough know-how out there on how to prepare meat dishes! Traditionally polish dishes are vegetable-based so deciding on a menu is not a difficult task.

During this 3-hour workshop we cook an entire polish meal from scratch: make dough and stuffing for pierogi (dumplings), chłodnik (cold beetroot soup) and some more delicious food like gołąbki or pyzy. The class takes place in a unique space: in the middle of Gdansk Old Town, just in front of the local food market (Hala Targowa) where we are going to buy fresh ingredients.

Summer is a special time in Poland: all the plants grow! We can choose from a wide range of fresh vegetables and fruits. The menu will depend on what is available at the market.

In the class you will cook pierogi on your own. On top of that, you will meet other travellers and learn a lot about Polish culture and food. And you can be sure that you will taste authentic Polish food.

If you want to book my workshop tag here or write me: judyta.warzecha@gmail.com

Pierogi cooking Class, Lawendowa 8, Gdansk

phone: +48 791 681 933